[candl15] Myth Of The Near Future split EP

by Saffron Slumber / Specta Ciera / Carl Sagan's Ghost

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SAFFRON SLUMBER is the primary music project
of Kevin Stephens (Salem, OR, USA), focusing on the exploration of timbre in acoustic instruments. Originally meant to be only ambient music, the project has grown to include aspects of noise, drone and other genres.

SPECTA CIERA is Devin Underwood (Cambridge, MA, USA).
A side from creating music and visual art under the name
Specta Ciera, originally started as an Ambient/Experimental project, but now focuses on all styles.

CARL SAGAN'S GHOST is the most recent project from Daniel Davis (Seattle, WA, USA). Focusing on ambient music CSG just released his 6th album. All of CSG's music can be downloaded for free.


released February 20, 2010

tracks by Kevin Stephens, Devin Underwood, Daniel Davis
cover foto: © Devin Underwood




Circlesandlines Recordings Saint Petersburg, Russia

Focused on Ambient Electronica and variable substyles.
Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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