[candl12] Reflections And Life

by Dmitriy Rodionov Experience

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Guitarist Dmitriy Rodionov founded a project 'Lenin & I' in 1999 in Snezhinsk, Russia. Music or so to say, musical experiments
by Dmitriy Rodionov, who is the only member of 'Lenin & I' may
be characterized as industrial noise ambient. These are noise
pictures made with the help of natural and artificial sounds, noise, voices and different acoustic an electric instruments combined
in a sort of a collage. Dmitriy Rodionov’s musical experiments
of are mainly autobiographic and each of them has its story. All the compositions of an album are usually unified with one conception. Every following track is arising from the previous one and interlaces with the musical noise canvas. In each album as in any intact
product there is beginning than logical continuation and completion. Live performances of Dmitriy Rodionov take place with video installation which is their essential part. Odd plots of the video are a kind of screen version of noise pictures interpreted to the language
of visual images. Creating them Dmitriy uses both natural and industrial landscapes and stagings with decorations and actors
play. From 1999 to 2007 Dmitriy recorded the material for 9 albums. Each album has its own unique air and mood.


And it was dreamed to me, and it is dreamed to me,
And it'll be dreamed to me some day,
And everything will be repeated,
and everything will be implemented at all,
And you'll be dreamed, my friend, the same things that I told.

Away from us, away from world
There's the sound of the waves breaking on the shore
And you could see the star, the man, the bird,
Reality and dreams, and death that stand on their crests.

I have to break the time: I know I was, I'm now and I will be,
Life's miracle of miracles
And I will give myself to its sweet tender arms
Standing between the mirrors and seas and smoking cities
I see the crying mother with a child in her lap.

(Arseniy Tarkovskiy 1962)


released October 18, 2009

all tracks by Dmitriy Rodionov
cover foto: © Gregoriy Lebedev




Circlesandlines Recordings Saint Petersburg, Russia

Focused on Ambient Electronica and variable substyles.
Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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